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Master in Information Technology Management

Double Degree – Master 
Bilingual English/Portuguese

Program Objective

The MBA in Information Technology Management is a graduate degree that is designed to prepare students in the theories and practices of the modern business world as they gain expertise in Information Technology Management for leadership roles.

This program allows the students to master innovative technologies and provide a unique competitive advantage in an environment with continuous evolution.

It helps them become effective decision makers and leaders in a world increasingly affected by globalization, technology and ethical challenges. With a broad comprehensive view of the total business, it is designed for professionals who possess critical managerial competencies. It includes a research component that is specific to Information Technology Management

Courses by Atlantis University
18 American academic credits

  • Programming and Aplications Development
  • Network Technology Management (N+)
  • Software Development and Management
  • ITIL Service Oriented Architecture
  • High Performance Databases
  • Capstone

Courses by FUMEC University
15 American academic credits

  • E- Business Technology and Management
  • Cloud Computing and Data Analytics
  • Risk and information Systems Control
  • Information Security Management
  • Graduate Research Project Brazil



Doutor em Administração pela UFMG, com estágio sanduíche na Birmingham School, England. Possui experiência profissional de mais de 20 anos nos setores financeiro e de telecomunicações. Atualmente, é professor do programa de Mestrado e Doutorado em Administração e Pró-reitor de Pós-graduação, pesquisa e extensão da Universidade FUMEC.